Regional products

Our shop is recognized as a farm shop by 100% West Vlaams. You can choose from a wide range of regional products.

This also includes our delicious artisanal cookies. Our cookies are made with love and according to traditional methods. The recipe is an inheritance from our grandmother. The delightful biscuits do not contain preservatives and have been awarded a certificate of 100% West Vlaams. Is our store just a little too far for you or are you looking for an alternative store closer to your home to buy these delicious ambachtelijke lukken? Then click here to find other distributors of our regional product.

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Fruit and Vegetables

Besides our regional products, we also sell fresh fruit and vegetables at competitive prices. These are seasonal.

In our offer, you can also find home-grown fruit and vegetables, such as strawberries, all kinds of berries, apples, pears, corn salad, and broad beans...



Our flowers and plants are lovingly cared for and we ensure that the plants in your garden or home are of the best quality. In the weeks before All Saints' Day and All Souls' Day, you can obtain grave arrangements from us.

Would you like a bouquet or a flower arrangement? This is available from us on request.

Any questions?

If you have any questions, you can reach us by phone or e-mail 24/7.